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New jacket by Mammut uses recycled Nespresso capsules to keep its wearer warm

What's a winter hike without a thermos of steaming hot coffee? Or a jacket made of recycled coffee pods...? Just released, the Extraordinary Jacket is a joint effort by Nespresso, outdoor gear brand Mammut and textile technologists at HeiQ. The three Swiss brands teamed up to create a garment featuring aluminum sourced from used Nespresso coffee capsules. 

HeiQ's XReflex technology is claimed to increase heat retention by 20% over traditional materials at equivalent thicknesses, making for a jacket that's both warm and ultra-light. XRelfex uses an aluminized layer to reflect body heat, conserving a wearer's energy and providing breathable comfort in cold conditions.

The Extraordinary Jacket can be purchased online from Mammut or from Nespresso's Swiss website, as well as through select Mammut stores in Europe, North America, China and Japan. It's retailing for EUR 350/USD 299.

Trend Bite

Non-biodegradable coffee pods and capsules aren't good for the environment. Recycling them is tricky, and most end up in landfills, depending on where a consumer lives. (According to Nespresso, 72% of its capsules sold B2C in Switzerland are recycled, but that's the best-case scenario in a small, superbly organized country.) So, there might be an element of greenwashing to the coffee brand's partnership with Mammut...

That said, the new jacket is the result of seemingly unrelated brands joining forces to tackle obstacles and opportunities surrounding waste and sourcing. When it comes to your own company's environmental responsibilities, which organizations outside your industry could you partner with to reduce, reuse and recycle?