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Jiggy support female artists and NYC COVID-19 relief fund with hand-drawn puzzles auction

Jiggy, a US-based puzzle retailer, will auction off hand-drawn puzzles to support female artists and New York City’s COVID-19 relief fund. Each puzzle sold on Jiggy’s site features art from a female artist; Jiggy licenses the art and provides the artist with a portion of every sale. Jiggy’s puzzle sets also include glue, so customers can hang up the design once they’ve completed the puzzle. After the company saw a boom in sales due to COVID-19, it decided to ship blank puzzles to artists, who will draw on them, and the final designs will be sold in an auction. The auction proceeds will be divided between the artists and Jiggy, which will contribute its portions to the relief fund.   

On the flip side of the COVID crisis and subsequent economic fallout? The businesses experiencing an unprecedented boom, from Clorox to peanut butter brands to pet breeders and more. And of course, with consumers (even in hard-hit spots like Italy) considering ‘boredom’ one of the worst COVID side effects, businesses like Jiggy’s. 

For every organization succeeding right now: remember that you do so amidst a great struggle. Jiggy didn’t let the demand for puzzles stop it from thinking about the needs of female artists, who are unable to hold exhibits and gallery shows, and how to help them. So if you’re part of a business that fits consumers’ pandemic-era needs to a T and is currently enjoying a boom or a renaissance, take a look at your options. How can you pass on some of your recent success to those in floundering sectors?  


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