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Job platform splitZing enables talent to be shared by multiple employers

Back in December, we wrote about Roleshare, a matching site that helps two people share one job. Flipping that idea, splitZing allows multiple employers to share one employee.

Potential employees indicate how many hours a month they're available. That time can then be split among two or more employers. Companies that may not have the budget for a full-time developer or marketing manager can use splitZing to access talent for the amount of time they need and can afford. The Miami-based startup handles administration, payments and benefits.

splitZing is focused on long-term roles and long-term relationships, and employees enjoy benefits like health and dental insurance. But workers also gain autonomy by being less dependent on a single employer. Having multiple workplaces also offers greater variety and more opportunities to learn new skills.

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The mass exodus of the Great Resignation lead to an equally impressive number of think pieces about why workers are quitting. Conclusions may vary, but much is driven by the simple fact that demand for labor is outstripping supply.

That tight labor market provides workers with a new sense of agency. It enables them to move to jobs that offer more flexible hours, higher wages, remote work and employers that align with their personal ethics. It also creates opportunities for new employment models like splitZing that offer more security than freelance and more freedom than a single full-time role.

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