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In Lapse, friends shoot a roll of photos together, then wait 24 hours for the results

Less likes, more life? In Lapse, users start a private group chat with friends. Every group has a roll of 36 shots that anyone in the group can add to by taking photos from within the app. The twist? Nobody can see the pics until 24 hours after the first shot was taken, at which point the roll is dropped into the chat.

Since photos can't be reviewed or edited, the results are akin to having a roll of analog film developed — spontaneous, imperfect and delayed. These images aren't about careful curation and garnering likes and follows from a wide audience. Instead, the app focuses on relaxed shots for and by a close circle of people. Notably, Lapse doesn't include a selfie function.

The UK-based app is currently invite-only and secured EUR 9.7 million in seed funding in December 2021.

Trend Bite

As consumers recognize the harm and havoc wrought by major social media platforms, a new wave of tech entrepreneurs is responding with intimate digital spaces designed to facilitate meaningful connection instead of polished perfection. By building in a delay of 24 hours, Lapse also pushes back against the addictive nature of instant gratification. How can your brand help people reclaim their social sanity, online and off?