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Longchamp's iconic Le Pliage tote bag goes green in recycled nylon

Whether or not you've been aware of them, you're pretty sure to have seen hundreds if not thousands of Longchamp Le Pliage bags slung over shoulders at airports, in offices or on buses. The iconic nylon tote has been in production since 1993, with a timeless and unassuming style capable of weathering fashion's storms.

Now, Longchamp is aiming to make its bestseller environmentally-friendlier, too. This summer, it launched Le Pliage Green â€” same bag, but made of recycled polyamide. 

Anything from fishing nets to old carpets can be treated and turned into granules from which polyamide yarn is spun, and Longchamp claims the material reduces each bag’s carbon footprint by nearly 20%. The company plans to transition all Le Pliage bags to recycled materials by 2022.

Trend Bite

Le Pliage Green is a prime example of what we call ECO-EMBEDDED: appealing and smartly-designed products that just happen to be sustainable, too. While new products are increasingly made to be greener right off the bat, huge strides can be made by retrofitting existing designs. Kudos to Longchamp for not just releasing a separate line of sustainable bags for eco-aware consumers, but switching to recycled polyamide for all of its Le Pliage bags.

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Spotted by: Hania Le