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L'Oréal is training hair and beauty salons in Puerto Rico to support trans people

For people transitioning from one gender to another, finding the right hairstyle can be a meaningful part of their transformation. To help them achieve their new look, L'Oréal Caribe has launched a dedicated training program for hair and beauty stylists in Puerto Rico. The program isn't just focused on technical skills but also on creating a safe and welcoming environment for trans and non-binary clients. L'Oréal aims to build a network of inclusive salons across the island.

The brand's thirty-hour 'Transformation' course consists of five face-to-face workshops that delve into specific topics like the impact of hormonal change on hair, as well as an introduction to the LGBT+ community. Skincare and makeup are also covered. Participating L'Oréal professional brands include Redken, Kératase, Mizani and Matrix.

So far, ten salons in Puerto Rico have joined the program, which was developed in partnership with SAJO // McCANN and the True Self Foundation, a local organization focused on diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trend Bite

Anyone can get a boost from a great haircut. But for trans men and women, hair isn't just hair — it allows people to embody their gender and feel more confident and secure in their identity. L'Oréal's initiative taps into that need and backs up its claims to inclusivity with a thought-through program designed in alliance with local advocates.

As societies around the world open up to gender diversity, time to spend part of your marketing budget on concrete actions that ensure every (potential) customer feels welcome and empowered?

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Spotted by: Reinier Evers