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Love & Nudes develops life-like breast cancer screening bras for black women

Black women with breast cancer have a 40% higher mortality rate than white women. Since early detection is vital, Canadian lingerie brand Love & Nudes just launched an innovative tool: a line of breast cancer screening bras.

The Stage Zero Collection consists of bra cups that simulate signs and symptoms of breast cancer in people with dark skin. After clipping the silicone cups onto a bra, wearers can familiarize themselves with exactly what lumps and peau d'orange feel like, as well as with the appearance of discoloration on their skin tone. 

Love & Nudes introduced its prototypes at a Scarborough store on 3 February 2023. No word yet on how the initiative will be rolled out to other parts of Canada.

Trend Bite

Love & Nudes isn't just helping black women recognize the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Since black women are more likely to get breast cancer at younger ages, the brand also wants to Canada's screening age lowered from 50 to 40; it started a petition that it's encouraging customers to sign.

Brands that embrace transparency and authenticity are favored by consumers, but it's those that take concrete action that inspire real love and loyalty. As consumers confront the disparity between the world they desire and the one they inhabit, they're seeking out companies that address this divide. How can your organization use its resources to educate people while also advocating for laws that promote positive change?

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