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Apple teamed up with the Government of Singapore to launch LumiHealth: a personalized health program that uses the Apple Watch

This month, Apple teamed up with the Government of Singapore to launch LumiHealth: a personalized health program that uses the Apple Watch. The move is part of Singapore’s wider effort to harness technology to support its businesses and citizens. LumiHealth worked with public health experts and doctors to create a program that incentivizes healthy behaviors amongst Singaporeans. The program – guided by an in-app ‘space explorer’ avatar – takes each user’s age, weight and gender into account to send personalized alerts, weekly exercise goals, reminders to get health screenings or vaccines, healthy eating tips, and sleep advice. LumiHealth also offers users up to S$380 in rewards for hitting health goals. The two-year program will start in October 2020. 

Thanks to the plethora of healthtech hitting the market, consumers are treating their own health and wellbeing like a giant, hyper-tailored science experiment; a behavior we at TrendWatching captured in LAB RATS. Even though this is technically an ‘older’ trend (one we first reported last year), COVID has only accelerated it. Our renewed attention on personal health has made consumers more willing to experiment with untraditional, highly personalized and much more tech-driven health solutions. See how Nestle just released its line of customizable superfood drinks in China, how brands like Calibrate are popping up to provide bespoke metabolic weight loss plans, and how wacky devices like the Norimaki Synthesizer are delivering taste without the calories. And you know this trend has hit a peak when a government is trying to deploy health tracking for an entire country (a small country, but still! A country!).

One way to get inspired by the Apple/Singapore alliance? Combine the obsession consumers have with boosting their wellbeing – or, more broadly, self-improvement – with personalized tracking. Can you help consumers track their progress in achieving a goal? You can increase their engagement with your brand by offering guidance every step of the way – and perhaps counting those steps, while you’re at it!

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team