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Luna Daily's Vulva Therapy Hotline calls out the hush-hush on female body parts

Not all body parts are treated equally. Take the vulva. About half of the world's population has one, but most people refrain from uttering the word. Even worse — a staggering 80% of UK women cannot accurately identify the vulva. Aiming to dismantle the discomfort and misinformation surrounding female anatomy, Luna Daily has introduced a Vulva Therapy Hotline.

Anyone calling 0800-233-LUNA will be treated to a playful series of four immersive audio sessions. Created with a cognitive behavioral therapist, a gynecologist and a psychosexual therapy expert, the hotline employs techniques such as imagination-based exposure, systematic desensitization and repetitive practice — all designed to normalize the word 'vulva' and associated concepts. In the first session, for example, callers are asked to imagine having to shout 'vulva!!' in a busy park.

Not knowing the difference between a vagina and a vulva can impact a person's health treatment and outcomes. Considering it sells bodycare products for 'head, vulva, knees and toes,' Luna Daily obviously has skin in the game, but as the brand points out, "How can we expect our vulvas to thrive if we don't talk about them?"

A list of facts overlaid on a photo of the midsection of a female body: 80% of women can't accurately name the vulva, 82% of women were mis-taught the correct name for their vulva, and 91% of women were not taught about intimate care.

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By positioning the vulva within everyday conversation, Luna Daily is tapping into a growing desire for candid discourse on previously taboo subjects. Normalizing the word 'vulva' dismantles ingrained shame and stigma, empowering women and AFAB individuals to feel comfortable about their bodies. Which, in turn, enables better gynecological care.

Consider which taboo your organization could challenge in its industry, region or culture. If appropriate, take a cue from Luna's tongue-in-cheek approach and keep your efforts lighthearted. While stigmatization has serious implications, it's easier — and often more effective — to engage an audience with laughter than with a lecture ;)

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  Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom