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Snack brand Lunchables pits AI against Kid Imagination in new contest

The battle of human vs artificial intelligence has a new frontier: kids and their snacks. Promoting its Dunkables line, Lunchables provided kids and a generative AI tool with the same prompts: 'Imagine a mozza stick as something fantastical' or 'Imagine a pretzel as something fantastical.' While AI stuck to slick but unexciting images of weirdly shaped pretzels and mozzarella sticks, the under-10s drew outlandish characters, from a ninja with a pretzel sword fighting a peanut butter dragon, to a red-sauce octopus with a mozzarella narwhal.

Building on the concept, Lunchables is recruiting its first Dunkables Head of Imagination. Kids aged 5–13 are invited to submit artwork reimagining a mozzarella stick or pretzel twist as 'something fantastical.' The winner scores an all-expenses paid trip to Lunchables HQ in Chicago, where they'll join imagination sessions, help craft social media content and participate in taste tests. They'll also get a year's supply of Dunkables and USD 1,500 in spending money. To share AI and KI creations with art-loving audiences, Lunchables will showcase them in pop-up exhibits outside Austin and LA museums later this year.

Trend Bite

In promoting its new line of snacks with an AI vs KI playoff, Kraft Heinz-owned Lunchables is lightheartedly engaging with debates on whether artificial intelligence can match or surpass human creativity. The contest also provides a fun way for kids to learn about AI's strengths and limitations by comparing their creations to those of an AI tool. Understanding AI's role and capabilities from a young age can prepare children for living, studying and working with artificial intelligence. How could your brand facilitate that learning process?

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Spotted by: Gaby Pian