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LVMH is building a center for craftsmanship in Paris, slated to open in 2025

In a strategic move to elevate both public engagement and employee development, LVMH Group has announced the construction of its Maison des Métiers d'Excellence in Paris, set to be completed by the end of 2025. The venue will serve dual functions: as a platform for the group's expertise in artisanship and as a hub for employee training and skill exchange.

By offering a hybrid space that combines a café, a library and hands-on craft workshops for the general public, LVMH aims to create an environment where people can acquaint themselves with the métiers — or specialized trades — at the heart of the group's luxury brands. Foremost, the maison will serve as an epicenter for LVMH's Institut des Métiers d'Excellence, founded in 2014 to offer vocational training and promote careers in traditional craftsmanship.

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Consumers increasingly expect brands to serve as agents of community enrichment, sometimes filling roles traditionally held by public services. By creating a permanent space that's open to the public, LVMH can foster a transparent and educative interface between its craft and the community, blending the group's commercial objectives with broader social commitments.

Education is key to both LVMH's public outreach efforts and its ongoing relationship with the artisans who design and make the group's products. LVMH describes its Institut des Métiers d'Excellence as a 'know-how transmission ecosystem.' The upcoming Maison des Métiers d'Excellence will open up that ecosystem to a wider audience, creating a platform where its craftspeople can show off their talents. For more on shining a spotlight on your employees to connect with your audience, check out our free IN-FLUENCERS trend briefing.

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