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Mandatory traffic safety training for Getir's delivery bike riders in the Netherlands

Over the past few years, instant grocery delivery has skyrocketed. And with it, the number of e-bikes used to rush food around cities. Adding fleets of fast-moving bikes to already crowded streets can lead to dangerous traffic situations, even in famously cyclist-friendly countries like the Netherlands.

To help avoid accidents and injuries to both its delivery people and other cyclists and pedestrians, flash-delivery pioneer Getir partnered with Veilig Verkeer Nederland (the Dutch association for road safety) to develop traffic lessons for Getir's riders in the Netherlands. 

The mandatory sessions launched in Q4 2022. After covering basic traffic rules and regulations, the training moves to on-street training that focuses on 'defensive cycling' and anticipating unexpected moves by other road users. Classes are taught by Getir's Safety Manager.

Trend Bite

When new services like flash delivery emerge, governments can be slow to introduce legislation regulating harmful consequences that may arise. Meanwhile, less tolerant of tech startups that ignore the ramifications of their disruptive innovations, consumers increasingly expect brands to step up and do their part.

In Getir's case, a Dutch survey found that delivery services contributed to people feeling less safe in traffic, and the Turkish 10-minute grocery provider responded with a practical solution. Other brands that grow by moving fast and breaking things — how can you fix the negative externalities you've inadvertently introduced?

And governments — this doesn't mean you're off the hook ;-) Check out these safety workshops for delivery drivers hosted by Abu Dhabi's Department of Municipalities and Transport.

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