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Mercado Livre responds to coup attempt with 99% discount on Brazil's constitution

On 8 January 2023, supporters of Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the country's Congress, Supreme Court and presidential palace. Refuting legitimate election results, the bolsonaristas demanded a coup.

In response to their failed yet disquieting attempt, the country's largest online retailer, Mercado Livre, came up with a special offer: customers can purchase a copy of Brazil's Federal Constitution at a discount of 99%. The offer is limited to one purchase per resident, using promo code DEMOCRACIA.

Trend Bite

Operating within a fragmented and polarized society, brands are increasingly taking a stand. And consumers expect them to. By offering the Brazilian constitution for a symbolic price, Mercado Livre is both underlining the importance of democracy and reminding people of their shared values.

Mercado Livre's customers responded in force, and the retailer rapidly ran out of printed constitutions. On its social media accounts, MeLi shared a link to the online copy of the constitution and promised to get the paper version back in stock soon.