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Mercado Livre's interactive fashion campaign lets viewers decide which body type is shown

Online retailer Mercado Livre is running a pioneering fashion campaign in Brazil with the tagline "Meu corpo, meu estilo — My body, my style." For the interactive ad, which features clothing by brands like Nike and Levi's, Mercado Livre filmed each garment on five models with sizes XS to XL.

When a viewer lands on the campaign page, they select the model with a size and shape similar to their own, after which they'll see every item of clothing presented on that body type. Mercado Livre developed the campaign in partnership with creative agency Gut. The content is hosted on Adludio, an AI-based platform specializing in interactive mobile ads (which recently nabbed USD 2.5 million in funding).

Trend Bite

While most fashion brands and retailers have been expanding the range of models they portray, 'standard' skinny bodies often remain the default, with larger sizes included as an add-on. Mercado Livre's campaign, however, shifts this paradigm by empowering customers to set their own body type as the norm, not the exception.

AI-driven advertising platforms like Adludio are catalyzing a new wave of personalized initiatives. These tools will likely pave the way for users to tailor websites, apps and campaigns to reflect their preferences concerning body type, skin color, hairstyle and gender identity, among other variables. 

With consumers increasingly expecting personalization and representation, this signifies a substantial step forward. It also presents a strategic opportunity for businesses to resonate with a wider demographic, increase engagement and potentially enhance customer loyalty through bespoke and inclusive marketing efforts.