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Mindalt's mood-enhancing deodorant offers effortless self-care

Mindalt is a deodorant featuring blends of 22 essential oils that don't just smell good, but have been proven to impact the brain's nervous system and positively alter people's moods. As the brand describes it, they've changed deodorant from a mindless function to a self-care moment. The product comes in four versions: ‘More Mindful’, ‘More Focus’, ‘More Energy’ and ‘Less Anxiety’, allowing users to choose what they're most in need of when they start their day.

According to Mindalt, the product works throughout the day, as essential oils slowly break down and continuously release into the bloodstream via the armpits and through inhalation. In addition to the wellness aspect, beauty product nerds will appreciate the detail Mindalt goes into when listing ingredients, including the source, purpose and EWG Clean Rating for each element. Which plays to two other ongoing trends: consumers' desire for transparency and for 'clean' products.

The pursuit of self-care can contribute to anxiety if it's yet another thing people feel they need to check off their list, which creates an opportunity for brands that offer wellness with zero effort. Make wellbeing ambient and easy by embedding physical and mental health boosters into consumers' daily routines!

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team