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Ministry of Mylk is calling on alt-dairy brands to work together

The dairy industry came up with memorable campaigns over the years, from Got Milk? to Melk, de witte motor, portraying cow's milk as healthy, nutritious and delicious. All in an effort to make sure shoppers kept adding dairy to their grocery carts. Now, a new organization is aiming to do the same for the alt-dairy space.

London-based Ministry of Mylk believes vegan milk brands need to band together to speed up widespread adoption of  plant-based alternatives to dairy. It's inviting 'mylk' makers to join its community, share knowledge and forge partnerships, with a focus on marketing and PR. Members will also have access to events and the option of using the Ministry of Mylk logo on their packaging.

Trend Bite

According to a November 2020 report by Global Market Insights, global plant milk market value is expected to reach USD 21 billion by 2026, from USD 12 billion in 2019. In the US alone, the Good Food Institute tallied plant-based milk sales at USD 2.5 billion, representing year-on-year growth of 20%.

Consumers are becoming more familiar with milk alternatives and switching over for a variety of reasons — sustainability, lactose intolerance, animal welfare. That's pushing those impressive growth numbers, but as Ministry of Mylk points out, alt-dairy is still a small share of the total dairy market. Which means there's plenty of room to grow, and not just for dominant players like Oatly.