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Monuta enlists AI version of famous author to get people chatting about funeral plans

End-of-life planning is an emotionally charged subject that many would rather ignore or postpone. Which is why Dutch funeral service and funeral insurance provider Monuta is using an of-the-moment tool to stimulate dialogue on everyone's ultimate rite of passage: the funeral. Collaborating with celebrated author Ronald Giphart, the company has introduced 'Ronald GiphA.I.rt,' an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to broach the topic of funeral and memorial arrangements.

Employing a casual chatbot interface, GiphA.I.rt engages users in discussions on various personal preferences, including music, burial or cremation, mourner dress codes and possible locations for a service. Once the chat is over, the system produces a summary of the user's desires, rendered poetically and accompanied by an AI-generated image that reflects their wishes.

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GiphA.I.rt's chat and summation aren't particularly profound or in-depth, and a more sophisticated generative AI chatbot could no doubt add layers of detail and customization. Still, the concept is an inventive and light-hearted way to get people to contemplate their final chapter. It's also a marketing strategy that could be adapted across various industries, particularly for products and services that tend to trigger hesitation or dread, and where consumers require prompting and guidance.

Is your brand experimenting with the next-level customer interaction that generative AI can provide? As the technology matures, companies that seize the opportunity to implement it are gaining access to a potent tool for understanding, engaging with and ultimately satisfying the needs and wants of their audiences.

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