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Moviebill to launch touchless, AR versions of airlines’ safety cards, duty-free magazines, and inflight menus

Augmented reality firm Moviebill, which normally creates entertaining AR experiences for Regal Cinemas (along with Disney and Marvel), pivoted this quarter to launch Inflight powered by Moviebill: Touchless, AR versions of airlines’ safety cards, duty-free magazines, and inflight menus. Passengers can use their smartphones to scan an image (such as an airline’s logo) on their tray table to see the content ‘come to life’ in 3D. The idea is to help airlines get rid of items that are touched by many crew members and passengers, as well as create more engaging customer experiences. Moviebill pivoted in response to COVID-19 and passengers’ increased concerns around catching the virus while flying.

We could write a whole essay about how this plays into the air travel industry’s frantic innovation push, to make consumers feel safe (or at least, less unsafe) on planes and airports. But we’ll just highlight a few examples: Autonomous cleaning robots made their debut at Pittsburgh International Airport, Honeywell is creating new hygiene safety packs for passengers and flight crews, while Hong Kong International’s visitors are entering a pressure ‘chamber’ to get sprayed with antimicrobial coating. Of course, what’s happening in air travel is part of the larger ‘touchless economy,’ wherein brands of all sectors are figuring out how to minimize physical touchpoints for consumers.

Meanwhile, at Moviebill, the cinema industry’s losses (estimated to reach USD 17 billion, globally) were compromising its business. Which surely prompted the company to expand its thinking. From afar, Moviebill saw what was happening in an industry (once) outside its own – air travel – and how its technology is suited perfectly for the emergence of touch-free solutions. But Moviebill isn’t the only one that had their ‘business as usual’ disrupted, and a number of other brands have had to be quick on their brand toes...leading to some very BOLD PIVOTS.

So consider what this means for your business. Can you also find a place in the new ‘touchless economy’? In an industry you haven’t previously explored? How might your brand pivot in response to unprecedented change?

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The TrendWatching content team