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MullenLowe introduces momternships to help women restart their careers

Returning to the paid labor market after leaving to raise children can be difficult, daunting and downright demoralizing. Aiming to support moms and bring their multitasking, problem-solving and crisis management skills back into the workforce, MullenLowe now offers Momternships.

The creative agency is seeking candidates for paid 10-week internships developed in partnership with HeyMama, an online community of working mothers. Acknowledging the obstacles to restarting a career or pivoting to a new one, MullenLowe's program includes mentorship, tech training, flexible hours and backup childcare.

Momterns can apply for a range of agency departments, from creative and strategy to HR and new business. Advertising experience isn't required and there's no need to explain resume gaps, either. MullenLowe will hire six interns across three US offices, and their program kicks off when kids return to school in September.

Trend Bite

As reported by Deloitte, "Female employment fell at a faster pace than male employment in most of the major world economies in the first half of 2020, when the pandemic's impact on the labor market was the harshest. In the United States, female employment fell by 17.9% between February and April 2020 compared to a 13.9% decline in male employment. Similarly, in Canada, the pace of decline in female employment during this period was two percentage points higher than that for men."

While many of those women have rejoined the labor force, gender disparity remains. And that inequity won't shrink until organizations invest in providing working mothers with practical support and — as the Momternship program puts it — with the flexibility, empathy and partnership they need to flourish. Want to follow MullenLowe's lead and add momterns to your own team? The agency and HeyMama developed a Momternships Toolkit.

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