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Glasgow museum invites families and people with dementia to volunteer

Ahead of its March 2022 reopening following an extensive renovation, The Burrell Collection is seeking 50 new volunteers. To get as many local people involved as possible, the museum is turning to previously untapped sources of potential helpers.

Instead of just appealing to solo adults, the Collection is inviting families to sign up as a group. Which means parents can contribute to their community while spending meaningful time with their kids, and without needing to organize childcare. For the museum, it's an opportunity to connect with younger generations.

On the other end of the age spectrum, the Collection is exploring ways to allow people with dementia to continue volunteering, for example by pairing them with a buddy. 

Trend Bite

One of the mega-trends we highlight in our 22 trend opportunities for 2022 is JOYNING — the ever-present yet ever-evolving human need to form meaningful connections. Volunteering is a reliable route to forging those bonds.

As David McDonald, Chair of The Burrell Collection's parent organization Glasgow Life puts it: "Everyone knows the plus points of volunteering. It creates a sense of reward, purpose and self-worth. Be it small acts of kindness or larger ones like volunteering, it all helps connect people. This idea of connecting is at the very heart of the redesigned Burrell Collection and connecting with people through volunteering is a great way to boost mental wellbeing."

If your organization works with community members, can you find innovative ways to  widen your reach and include as many people as possible?