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App simplifies the online checkout experience

Nate is an AI-enabled shopping assistant, designed to make the checkout process easier and enhance shoppers’ privacy. After installing the free app, shoppers can use Nate to checkout, eliminating the need to create accounts with online retailers or add credit card details. A gifting feature allows shoppers to purchase items by adding the recipient’s phone number – if the recipient is not a Nate user, they receive a message and a request for a preferred delivery address. Other features include a ‘buy again’ option and the ability to create in-app shopping lists that can be saved and shared with friends. The US-developed app launched in July 2020. 

According to data from IBM’s US Retail Index, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by roughly five years. Over the past few months, people have spent more money online than ever before – and many expect that to continue over the coming months. It’s hardly surprising that companies are investmenting in e-commerce upgrades ahead of the holiday season. Don’t take your online shoppers for granted – kinks that might’ve been tolerated in the early stages of the pandemic won’t be tolerated as the adoption of online shopping becomes the norm. Are you actively working on and investing in products and services that reduce friction and allow consumers to shop and go, as easily and seamlessly as possible? If you’re not...they just might defer to a competitor! 

Nate isn’t just making shopping easier. The gift-giving and curation services help create an online shopping experience that’s more social and more ‘human’ – elements that are often missing from a digital transaction (25% of online shoppers find the experience less satisfying than visiting a physical store). Think about what made your store experience unique: was it staff advice? The sense of community? The ability to try products on before committing to a purchase? How can those elements be replicated in the online space? For more inspiration, look to Moda Operandi, who are helping fashion lovers connect with new designers through livestreamed shopping experiences, and Lexus, who developed an AR app to allow drivers to preview the brand’s new vehicle from home. 

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