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Dutch start-up Natulatte creates vegan creamers and hot chocolate mix for vending machines

Soy, almond, oat… While it's hard to find a coffee bar that doesn't offer at least one plant-based milk alternative, vending machines are a different story. Dutch start-up Natulatte aims to fix that problem by creating vegan creamers and hot chocolate mix for vending machines.

Natulatte has developed a 100% vegan oat milk powder that hot beverage machines can handle, allowing consumers to get a vegan latte or cappuccino without having to tote around their own plant-based creamer. Combine a growing appetite for plant-based dairy with the number of automated coffee machines in offices, schools, hospitals and gas stations, and this sounds like a very healthy market. Once we actually start going back to schools and offices ;-) 

Backed by crowdfunding, Natulatte's first production run was just shipped off to coffee distributors and the brand is aiming for 4 million vegan lattes per year by the end of 2025. The lesson here? As consumer trends expand and swell, there's always an overlooked corner that's rich with opportunity. Find it and get going!