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Neobank Science Card's customers round up purchases to fund research

While academic researchers across the UK are working to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis, improve healthcare and make strides in quantum computing, traditional funding routes are proving slow and complex. Since potential breakthroughs shouldn't be stranded in uncertainty, Science Card aims to move them forward.

As the UK's first e-money account expressly designed to fuel scientific research and innovation, the neobank offers potential customers two options. After opening a free Standard account, users can round up their daily purchases to the nearest pound. This 'spare change' is then funneled directly towards the user's chosen research projects. Standard accounts also enable users to make one-off contributions to projects that resonate with them.

For those seeking a deeper level of engagement, the GBP 19.90/month Fusion account not only allows users to actively fund scientific research but will — in the near future — also offer them a financial stake in the intellectual property of the projects they sponsor. Science Card is set to launch in September 2023.

Trend Bite

By connecting research funding to personal finances, Science Card addresses the crucial issue of financing research while reimagining the public's role in scientific progress. In essence, Science Card is transforming ordinary banking into a tool for positive change, turning its customers into knowledge benefactors and weaving scientific innovation into the fabric of daily spending.

As individuals become increasingly attuned to society's challenges, platforms like Science Card provide an avenue for tangible contributions. It's not just about donating money; it's about being a part of a larger movement to drive societal progress. Since people are searching for ways to make their everyday actions count, could your brand align with that desire and boost the power of collective action?

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