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Nestlé Brasil creates a new line of energy bars, with 100% of profits funding projects in favelas

Around 16% of Brazil's urban population lives in informal housing. While the favelas are known for their vibrancy and resourcefulness, they also suffer from government neglect, which is why non-profits step in to fight for social justice and poverty eradication. 

Nestlé Brasil is now supporting one of those organizations — Gerando Falcões — with a new line of energy bars. The company's employees got together with favela leaders and spent over four years working on the new product line. Over 60 people were involved and more than 40 ideas were pitched, resulting in 12 final concepts and launching with two fruit and nut bars, in coconut and banana flavors.

All profits will go to Gerando Falcões's Favela 3D project, which aims to put an end to favela poverty by building self-sustaining communities that are 'dignas, digitais e desenvolvidas' — deserving, digital and developed. The new line is Nestlé's first social product worldwide.

Trend Bite

While a growing number of consumers expects brands to benefit society, that's inherently more difficult for large and multinational companies — which may, for example, have supply chains that are less than immaculate — than for smaller brands that originate from a place of purpose.

One way to convince consumers that your initiatives are more than just purpose-washing? Make long-term commitments. Nestlé Brasil, for example, plans to build out its Favela 3D line, with additional products in development.