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Nestlé Mexico launches Terapia de Cocina to turn cooking into arthritis therapy

The pain, stiffness and weakness caused by arthritis can make everyday tasks a struggle. And that includes cooking. Which is why Nestlé Mexico has blended physiotherapy and cooking to create Terapia de Cocina, or Kitchen Therapy, on Recetas Nestlé. Designed to help ameliorate arthritis symptoms, the initiative turns the humble kitchen into a therapeutic landscape.

Terapia de Cocina combines three elements: culinary expertise, physiotherapeutic practices and nutritional guidance. The natural movements involved in cooking are merged with exercises recommended by a physiotherapist, explicitly designed to alleviate arthritis pain. Hand, wrist and postural movements are transformed from routine culinary tasks into beneficial physical therapy exercises. A nutritionist ensures that the ingredients used not only result in a delicious dish but can also potentially diminish symptoms of arthritis.

With 7 million monthly visits, Recetas Nestlé is one of Mexico's most popular cooking platforms. By introducing Terapia de Cocina, Nestlé adds a layer of functionality to the recipes it serves up. The initiative reflects consumers' increasingly holistic view of healthcare as encompassing not just doctor's visits and pharmaceuticals but food, exercise, sleep and self-care.

Trend Bite

Transforming a mundane daily activity into a therapeutic routine, Terapia de Cocina is integrating health boosters into everyday life. The intersection between consumer products and health and well-being continues to have significant potential for brands willing to explore. Need more inspiration? Check out why bowel cancer symptoms were added to toilet paper packaging, and how houseplants are being engineered to improve indoor air quality.