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Apparel brand ASKET's new receipts itemize the environmental cost of every purchase

After paying for their ASKET mock neck sweater or straight-leg jeans, customers aren't just handed a regular receipt. The Swedish clothing brand (not to be confused with H&M's Arket) now also issues an 'Impact Receipt' with every purchase. The new service itemizes the environmental cost of producing each garment: CO2e emissions, water use and energy consumption.

ASKET partnered with Vaayu Tech for lifecycle impact calculations, ensuring that each garment's environmental toll is transparent and traceable, from raw material procurement to the final shipping process. When it comes to water consumption, calculations consider scarcity in production locations, providing a nuanced view that acknowledges access to H20 isn't distributed evenly across the globe.

Its new Impact Receipt aligns with ASKET's mission to end overconsumption. Founded in 2015, the Stockholm-based brand doesn't present seasonal collections; instead, it offers a permanent selection of 'meaningful essentials' and encourages customers to try living with less.

Trend Bite

As ASKET co-founder August Bard Bringéus points out, "Until we put a price on our planet's resources and understand what our choices actually cost, we'll never make concessions to the consumption we think we're entitled to."

No, individuals shouldn't be tasked with solving the climate crisis. But personal consumption habits do have an impact, and awareness creates ripple effects. What is your brand doing to uncover hidden environmental costs? How could you help consumers make informed and conscious purchasing decisions?