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Created by a fan, new LEGO tool helps family & friends build together

Working on a complex LEGO project with multiple people can get confusing. To streamline the process, LEGO is soft-launching a new tool that was purposely created to turn brick stacking into cooperative play. 

Up to five users download the brand's Building Instructions app and scan a QR code on a box of LEGO. They're then given personalized instructions for an element of the project. Once they've finished that 'mini build', the app tells them who to pass it on to, and gives them a next task to work on until the set has been completed.

The 'Build Together' experience was dreamt up by LEGO fan Dominik Brachmanski, who was involved throughout the project. Six products currently work with the new tool as LEGO evaluates functionalities and customer interest.

Trend Bite

One of the five mega-trends highlighted in our 22 for '22 publication is JOYNING, focused on the need for meaningful connections. LEGO's new tool taps into that trend, devising an opportunity for people to bond and communicate while having fun. How can your brand help consumers create and strengthen social ties? Bonus points if you turn to your audience for ideas and inspiration ;-) 

Innovation of the day

Spotted by: Vicki Loomes