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New Pokémon game is played by getting a good night's rest

While a good game can be so hyper-engaging that it's impossible to stop and hit the hay, a new creation by the Pokémon franchise aims to do the opposite: help players sleep better. 

Basically, people play Pokémon Sleep by catching some z's. In the single-player game, "your adventure takes place on a small island where you'll carry out research on how Pokémon sleep. You'll work with large Snorlax who live on the island and Neroli, a professor who's studying Pokémon sleep styles." 

The game works with Pokémon Go Plus+, a small, Bluetooth-enabled device that connects to a user's phone and feeds data into Pokémon Sleep. When they go to bed, users push the device's central button and place it near their pillow. When it's time to wake up, they'll get a friendly prompt from Pikachu to rise and shine.

Pokémon Sleep was first announced in 2019. Last week, on Pokémon Day, the brand shared that Sleep is finally set to launch in summer 2023 on iOS and Android.

Trend Bite

Around one-third of American adults don't get enough sleep, and nearly one in five take medication to help them sleep. While most people understand the importance of rest for their physical and mental health, those seven to eight hours can feel like another task to be completed.

Pokémon Sleep wraps a must-do in a blanket of fun, coaxing players into better sleep habits alongside the characters they know and love. Since the game is squarely targeting adults, it's likely also adapting to the stage of life its millennial fans now find themselves in, with sleep increasingly becoming a priority. Which physical and mental health chore could your brand morph into play?