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A new sports bar in Portland will only show women's games

In most sports bars, women's games are hardly standard fare. At best, they're relegated to a small screen with the sound turned off. Which is why Jenny Nguyen — a professional chef and amateur basketball player — decided to open her own bar in Portland, Oregon.

At The Sports Bra, the focus will be squarely on women's sporting events. The bar aims to be a safe and welcoming environment where people can gather to watch female athletes on big screens, surrounded by others who are equally excited to see their favorite teams and players compete.

In addition to featuring women's sports, The Sports Bra is also sourcing food and beverages from women-owned suppliers, from beef to spirits. Nguyen turned to Kickstarter after traditional lenders rejected her plans. She raised over twice her USD 48,700 goal and will be opening The Sports Bra in April.

Trend Bite

The same way Gato Sem Rabo in São Paulo isn't a bookstore for women, The Sports Bra isn't a sports bar for women — it's a space to amplify women's sports and an opportunity to shift culture. As Nguyen puts it, "One of the goals of our business is to inspire young people to play sports, and we believe that by seeing grown women play on TV, girls will see that there is a future for them in sports."

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