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Browser plugin showcases Black art every time a new tab is opened

From Sephora and Ulta making room on shelves for Black-owned beauty products to Violife providing plant grants to Black-owned restaurants, it's clear society is trying to make up for its past failures in recognizing Black talent.

The art world was no exception — Black artists have long struggled for recognition and space in museums and art galleries. Creative agency Something connects creators with underused spaces, both physical and digital. One of those Something Spaces is the new browser tab. After installing a plugin, users are presented with artwork every time they open a new tab.

To provide a platform specifically for artists of color, Something Spaces is now working with Where Are The Black Designers?, who selected the 60 pieces of art being showcased. The browser plugin is available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Trend Bite

In an increasingly fractured world, consumers expect brands to contribute to society instead of just taking from it. Even people who don’t feel marginalized will appreciate brands that attempt to make the world a fairer place. As demonstrated by Something Spaces, exposure is one part of the puzzle. How can your organization create room for voices that deserve to be heard?