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Dutch theater group launches water brand L'EAU POUR L'ART to fund the arts

Amsterdam-based theater group De Theatertroep recently created its own water brand: L'EAU POUR L'ART. Its reasoning? The arts are in dire need of funding, and bars and cafes at most cultural spaces still serve bottled water. So instead of letting water profits flow through to multinational bottling companies, why not divert that money to the arts?

L'EAU POUR L'ART is available in both carbonated and non-carbonated versions, and its founders are calling on all theaters, museums and concert halls to start stocking the brand. For every liter sold, at least EUR 0.06 will go to the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, which provides financial support to a wide variety of performers and visual artists.

Trend Bite

Yes — bottled water should be avoided. But at De Theatertroep's own cafe, sparkling water is the third most ordered beverage. So while it's still sold almost everywhere, why not put that money to good use?  The performing arts were hit especially hard during the pandemic, and that's on top of decades of funding cuts in most countries.

In addition to tapping a new source of income, L'EAU POUR L'ART and its eye-catching design are a gentle reminder of the need to fund the arts. As the brand's creative entrepreneurs point out: like water, art is essential.

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