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Nintendo offers free repairs of devices damaged by Japan's recent earthquake

Struck by a devastating earthquake on New Year's Day, many of Noto Peninsula's residents are grieving the loss of loved ones, uncertain they'll be able to build back their homes and worried about their livelihoods. Others are luckier, dealing only with temporary evacuations and some beat-up possessions. To help deal with the latter, Nintendo is offering free repairs for products damaged by the Noto earthquake, as announced two weeks after the disaster.

Customers living in areas covered by the Japanese government's Disaster Relief Act can send their Switch, Wii or other Nintendo device to one of the brand's service centers. If all necessary parts are available and Nintendo is able to repair the item, it will do so free of charge and also cover shipping. Repairs can be requested until 1 July 2024. In addition, Nintendo will donate JPY 50 million to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support those affected by the earthquake.

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Brand loyalty has been sliding for decades. It took an extra dive over the past few years, as the cost of living crisis coincided with record corporate profits and left consumers feeling fleeced. For companies looking to build (back) trust, showing up post-purchase like Nintendo demonstrates commitment to a long-term relationship — loyalty goes both ways, after all. To earn your customers' allegiance, how could your brand support, aid and assure people when they need it most?

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