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Noodle brand Nissin urges Brazilians to turn weekend BBQ leftovers into weekday meals

More often than not, weekday dinners need to be fast and easy. Which is why Nissin Foods is encouraging home cooks to make the most of weekend leftovers. The instant noodle brand and its crazy-fast-talking ramen mascot point out that all people need is some leftover churrasco or feijoada and a packet of noodles.

In a tv and social media campaign running in Brazil now, Nissin is calling out to consumers to submit their own 'restondontojo' recipes, blending leftovers with ramen noodles. Because "if it was good on the weekend, imagine what it will be like on Monday."


Trend Bite

Cooking with leftovers is nothing new, of course, and Brazil has carreteiro, a traditional rice dish made with bits of grilled meat from the previous day's barbecue. But Nissin's ads demonstrate how messages about crucial topics like eliminating food waste can be woven into a company's regular roster of entertaining and brand-building campaigns. Sustainability communication doesn't have to be dry or dull, and yes — it can help sell instant noodles, too ;-)