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Not sold off-the-rack, Singapore brand's clothing can only be fashioned by local tailors

The Singapore National Heritage Board recently launched Recustom, a fashion brand aiming to revive the country's tailoring community. The initial collection featured 15 exclusive looks, developed in collaboration with seven local designers, including Graye and ANS.EIN. Unlike conventional retail, these designs are not available off-the-shelf. Instead, customers must visit local tailors to recreate the looks using provided design blueprints and their own pre-loved garments as raw material.

Recustom looks to promote sustainable fashion habits and bolster the local tailoring sector, which boasts a rich heritage of craftsmanship and detailing but has suffered from the rise of fast fashion. Additionally, to encourage community involvement, the brand invites designers, tailors and fashion students to contribute new designs and expand the collection.

Trend Bite

Fashion brands regularly find themselves on the slippery slope of greenwashing. Or put the onus of sustainability on consumers, expecting them to adopt better habits. Instead, Recustom creates a partnership between consumer and producer. The concept harkens back to times before ready-to-wear and fast fashion, when bringing patterns to a tailor or dressmaker was common practice.

By reintroducing that tradition, Recustom could help the tailoring community find a new place in modern lifestyles. Meanwhile, consumers aren't just trading up from commoditized clothing but can experience the feel-good factor of helping local craftspeople and upcycling their existing apparel into one-of-a-kind pieces. Could your brand similarly promote sustainability by adding multiple levels of story and connection?

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Spotted by: Acacia Leroy