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OatUP, the world’s first regeneratively-grown oat milk, bets big on soil

OatUP is a plant-based milk made of oats grown in Western Australia using regenerative farming methods. Regenerative agriculture aims to restore soils that have been degraded by industrial farming; practices include reduced tillage, cover crops, composting and crop rotation.

Instead of just looking for ways to reduce farming's negative impacts, regenerative agriculture can actually do the planet good: soil that's farmed using these principles can sequester more carbon — reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere — and store more water than conventionally-farmed soil. OatUP is also certified carbon neutral, offsetting emissions associated with growing, harvesting, transporting and manufacturing. The oat milk was developed by Dirty Clean Food, an Australian food brand that aims to tackle climate change through better farming methods.  

As highlighted in our 21 trends for 2021 (see 'EARTH POSITIVE'), regenerative farming is gaining traction. It’s a logical next step for brands catering to eco-progressive consumers who want to make a positive impact with every purchase. Build that soil! 

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