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Reusable bottle brand elicits eco-confessions

"I hide my lunchtime smoothie habit from my colleagues... I'm so embarrassed about the plastic."

"I have approximately 82 bags for life under my kitchen sink... And counting."

For every #econfession that people share and tag on social media, bottle brand Ocean Bottle will prevent 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. Ocean Bottle works with Plastic Bank in countries that lack decent waste infrastructure. Local collectors in coastal communities are paid per weight for the plastic they gather. For every Ocean Bottle sold, the company ensures 11 kg or 25 lbs of plastic are collected — the equivalent of over one thousand 500 ml PET bottles.

To put that into perspective: according to the the London-based B Corp, over 22 million kgs of plastic enter our oceans every day. 

Trend Bite

When it comes to the massive behavioral shift needed to avert an even grimmer future, the impulse to avoid social shame can be a potent motivator. Take the Swedish concept of flygskam, or ‘flight shame’, for a glimpse of what's ahead when it comes to societal attitudes toward unsustainable consumption.

That said, there's also power in acknowledging our shared eco-guilt, and helping consumers take concrete steps to avoiding further harm. As Ocean Bottle puts it, "We’ve all got those small, not so eco-friendly, habits that collectively create a big problem. [...] The first step to changing any habit is to open up about it. We’re coming clean about ours so that you can too."