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Compensating for gender wage gap, coding bootcamp pays women 14% above market rate

In the Netherlands, just 18% of tech workers are female. Meanwhile, the gender wage gap across industries is 14%. Aiming to narrow both disparities, Femture is a new coding bootcamp focused solely on those who identify as women.

After spending four months learning frontend and backend development from female instructors, participants are guaranteed a job. They're also paid a competitive salary from the day the bootcamp begins. On top of that, Femture is adding a 14% bonus to highlight the gender wage gap and for trainees to invest in their tech career. The first camp starts next month, May 2022, with a second following in September.

Trend Bite

In a 2021 survey of global IT executives, Gartner found that talent shortage was the most significant barrier to adopting emerging technologies. According to Femture's founders, Johanna Spiller and Diem Do, the Netherlands has 25 tech job openings for every suitable worker.

It isn't just tech — the labor market is tight across industries. Which seems as good a time as any to close that gender pay gap. Femture's initiative both highlights the issue and attempts to fix it. Other brands to follow...?