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On Children's Day, Uruguay retailer labels all toys gender-neutral

Despite some progress, most toys are still marketed to either boys or girls, with many retailers maintaining separate sections for each gender. Liberating toys (and children!) from those constraints, an Uruguay retailer decided to celebrate Children's Day by marking all of its toys as gender-neutral.

Mosca, which sells office and art supplies as well as toys, designed stickers that merge pink and blue and read "Juguete sin género, #LoImportanteEsJugar." Employees went around stores applying them to dolls, trucks, board games, science kits and everything else, no matter the target audience a manufacturer may have had in mind. Now, these toys are free of gender, and what matters is play.

This isn't the first time Mosca is focusing on gender equality for kids. A few years ago, it partnered with Girls in Tech to develop a line of STEAM toys for girls and boys, followed by MoscaLab, which offers workshops in robotics and programming, also aimed squarely at both genders.

Trend Bite

Games and toys are fundamental to children's development, helping them build skills from social to technical. But if playthings are heavily gendered, they can perpetuate stereotypes, withholding the opportunity for kids to cultivate every facet of a well-rounded human being.

Mosca’s initiative will no doubt prompt parents and their offspring to pause and consider whether they’ve — consciously or not — allowed outmoded norms to dictate and diminish their options for play. If your brand’s products and services operate in a binary world, time to question and maybe loosen those confines?