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Since one in four Australian adults can't swim, Allianz Swim Club will teach them for free

Swimming is a natural fit for Australia, a country surrounded by water and blessed with some of the world's most beautiful beaches and outdoor swimming pools. But not everyone feels confident in the water. In fact, one in four Australian adults are either weak swimmers or can't swim at all. Which is why global insurance company Allianz launched Allianz Swim Club: a free learn-to-swim program for adults, developed with creative agency Howatson+Company.

At 15 pools in five states, adults are offered eight lessons in eight weeks, free of charge. Registration opened in July 2023, with lessons starting in October 2023. The classes are offered through swimming organizations Masters Swimming Australia and AUSTSWIM, for 800 soon-to-be swimmers. All Australian citizens and non-citizens over 18 are eligible. Thousands of people registered for the first series, and Allianz plans to expand the program in 2024.

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"Our promise is to give confidence in tomorrow. We deeply believe that people progress in life when they don't brace themselves for the worst but prepare for the best." That's how Allianz describes its mission. Lofty words, but the Allianz Swim Club transforms them into concrete action. Not to mention that offering a life-preserving skill aligns neatly with every insurer's core focus on risk.

Different reasons hold people back from learning to swim — insecurity, trauma, lack of time or financial means — and a free offering that addresses their concerns with empathy and encouragement might be just the nudge they need to overcome those hurdles. Consumers welcome brands that intervene with their best interests at heart. Which societal need could your organization serve with an educational endeavor?

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