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Open Funk debuts repairable kitchen blender that works with regular glass jars

E-waste keeps piling up as we buy, discard and replace. German startup Open Funk is challenging that cycle. Its first product is a blender dubbed re:Mix. The appliance was designed for repair and reuse, with modular components that its owner can easily replace or fix. The outer casing is cut from sheets of 100% recycled plastic sourced from France. Other plastic parts are either recycled or bio-based and 3D-printed in Berlin, where the mixers are assembled in a center providing on-the-job training for people with disabilities.

Reuse is part of the machine's daily functioning, too. Re:Mix comes with a jar, but is compatible with any screw-top glass container with a mouth opening of 72 mm, allowing customers to reuse their own: a small jar that contained mustard can now be used for grinding and storing spices; a large peanut butter jar for making a smoothie-to-go. Available for pre-order now, Re:Mix is priced at EUR 199, with the post-launch price set at EUR 249.

Trend Bite

Open Funk's re:Mix blender taps into a growing consumer desire for repairability and sustainability. Unlike conventional appliances, re:Mix is designed for longevity, symbolizing a break from a culture of disposability and aligning with the right-to-repair movement, championing the idea that people should have the power to extend their product's lifecycle. Other brands: time to — as Open Funk puts it — design and manufacture electronics that work within planetary boundaries?