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Open to the public for the first time ever, art show by workers at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In addition to their role as security guard, educator or conservator, many of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's 1,700 employees also work as artists. Since 1935, the Manhattan museum has held a yearly exhibition of their work. While all submissions are accepted, the show itself has always been off-limits to everyone but employees and their guests.

Now, The Met is letting in the public. Art Work: Artists Working at the Met features paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, textiles and digital installations by 450 of the museum's staff members.

This isn't the first time a museum is showing art by its workers — in 2016, the Cincinnati Art Museum presented 70 pieces as part of Employed: A Staff Art Exhibition. The Met's employee art show runs through 19 June 2022.

Trend Bite

Whether it's a sculptor working security shifts on the side or a marketing manager who loves to paint in their off-hours, many museum staff members are likely to have hidden creative talents. And putting those on full display celebrates the people whose day jobs keep a museum running.

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