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A tiny office on a bicycle frame takes white-collar work out and about

A treadmill desk is one way to get some exercise in while working, but what about pedaling an entire office around town? A new venture operating from the Dutch town of Delft has converted a cargo bicycle into a tiny office. 

Out in Office is a wooden box built onto an existing Christiania cargo bike frame and opens up to reveal a desk and seat. The box's lid protects users from wind and can shield their screen from the sun. A brainchild of furniture designer Wilma de Smit, the unit is constructed of sustainably sourced plywood. A cork floor and wool felt upholstery add comfort and absorb sound. Optional extras for custom orders include a solar panel by Mobisun for charging phones and laptops.

OiO's prototype is currently stationed at an organic vegetable farm in Rotterdam, where it can be booked by the hour or day for EUR 7 to 10 per hour. And where its users can reap the benefits of getting out into nature.

Man working on a laptop inside a bicycle office parked at the beach

Trend Bite

Earlier this month, we featured wooden desks tied to trees in Finland, and now there are cycling offices in the Netherlands. As playful as these ideas are, they're also an indication that knowledge workers have broken out of their cubicles and aren't likely to return to confinement five days a week. How is your organization facilitating new ways of working that keep your team creative, productive and happy? 

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom