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Underwear brand Parade offers 20% off new panties in exchange for old ones, which are recycled

While consumers can resell or donate old clothes, used underwear hasn't had a useful destination. To solve that problem, direct-to-consumer intimates brand Parade just launched its own recycling program. 

When placing an order, customers have the option of adding a Second Life Recycling Kit to their cart: a plastic bag plus label for free shipping. In exchange for returning that bag filled with old underwear — just panties, no bras — Parade offers a 20% discount off new items.

The program accepts underwear by any brand, as long as it's washed before shipping. For the recycling part of the progress, Parade is partnering with Terracycle, which shreds everything into textile 'shoddy' that can be used for making acoustic insulation, bedding, carpet padding, furniture and automotive underlayment.

Trend Bite

A July 2021 survey found that globally, 85% of people indicate that they have shifted their purchasing behavior towards being more sustainable in the past five years.

For Parade, recycling underwear is just one element in a larger sustainability program. The brand recently joined the Science Based Targets initiative to reduce its carbon emissions in line with keeping world temperature rise below 1.5 degrees.

As consumers increasingly expect their purchases to align with their values, is your brand making its sustainability goals both transparent and actionable?