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Pet food brand CESAR is giving out grants to make workplaces dog friendly

Bringing dogs to offices can benefit both their owners and other employees, boosting morale and lowering stress. To help businesses create dog-friendlier workplaces, pet food brand CESAR has set up a grants program that will infuse USD 75,000 into at least 15 organizations. The grants are meant to aid businesses in adopting or enhancing dog-friendly policies, bolstered by a recent CESAR study showing 93% of dog owners in pet-friendly offices had positive work attitudes.

For inspiration, CESAR offers a list of amenities, programs and policies that companies can adopt, like dog beds, hydration stations, cubbies for dogs' items, setting up behavior training classes, and signage reminding pet owners of their responsibilities. Applicants can apply for grants of either USD 2,500 or USD 5,000 to establish new dog-friendly workplace programs or expand existing ones. Grant awardees will also receive CESAR products, a free training session from Mars Petcare experts, and up to three hours of consulting from Civic Design Center to help increase their program's success.

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Nearly one in five US households acquired a dog or cat as COVID lockdowns kept them sequestered at home. Pet separation anxiety is one of the reasons remote working remains popular among employees — a third of eurozone workers want more remote working, while US employees were polled as willing to take a pay cut of, on average, 14% to continue working from home. Businesses hoping to lure their employees back to the office are exploring unconventional perks. And one of those perks is allowing people to bring their pandemic puppies to work.

CESAR's initiative capitalizes on the bond between humans and pets, presenting a pragmatic approach to improving workplace morale and employee satisfaction. Since CESAR is already focused on dog owners, which customer segment could your brand support in the transition to new modes of working? For which other shifts in workplace norms and culture could you help pave the way?

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