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Brazilian pet retailer offers employees PETernity leave

Pet ownership has skyrocketed during the pandemic, raising concerns about how those animals will fare once their families return to normal routines. Brazilian pet retailer Petz is taking a step towards more thoughtful pet ownership by launching a two-day leave for employees who adopt a dog or cat. The benefit is available to over 5,300 employees at 139 stores and at the company's chain of veterinary clinics.

To qualify for 'Licença PETernidade', or PETernity leave, employees need to notify their HR department five days in advance and show documentation proving they're adopting a dog or cat. The two days off allow a pet's new owners to dedicate themselves fully to the care of their new family member, building a bond and helping it settle in comfortably.

Innovation of the day

This isn't just a perk for its own employees — Petz is actively recruiting other brands to join the PETernidade movement, and a handful have already signed on. Petz has also created a pet adoption portal, including tips on how to prepare a home and guidance on veterinary evaluation.

Promoting responsible adoption and ensuring a commitment to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of pets (and their owners)? Seems like a no-brainer for pet brands around the world to follow Petz' lead.

Photo: Bill Stephan