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To make MRIs less scary for kids, Philips partners with Disney

Undergoing an MRI exam can be intimidating. To create a better experience for children, Philips is combining its clinical and technological knowledge with Disney's storytelling expertise.

Before entering a scanner, kids can choose from six animated stories that Disney developed specifically for use in hospitals. All were created to be simple, engaging and calming, and feature familiar characters like Ariel and Sebastian and Star Wars' Yoda. Alleviating children's anxiety also improves clinical and operational processes in hospitals — if a child has an easier time in a scanner and is able to lie still, exams won't need to be paused to soothe them and the scanning room can be freed up faster.

This concept builds on Philips' Ambient Experience, which creates a similarly relaxing environment using light and sound. The collaboration with Disney will run as a research pilot in six European hospitals this summer. Philips will be measuring the impact of story elements and provide Disney with data to figure out what works well and where tweaks are needed.

Besides being an innovative way to help kids, this partnership also demonstrates the power of brands working together to create a product that's greater than the sum of their combined assets and expertise. Time to find a brand to join forces with?