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Adapting popular styles, Pottery Barn introduces 150 accessible pieces for the home

Home furnishings retailer Pottery Barn just launched a new range of pieces designed not just to be stylish but inclusive, too. Products in the brand's The Accessible Home line include a wheelchair-accessible desk with low, open shelves for easy access. A bathroom mirror safely tilts up and down for use while upright or seated. And a reclining chair features a smooth lifting mechanism for secure sitting and standing.

The collection currently consists of 150 pieces, most of which build on bestselling Pottery Barn styles. Many of the items are marked ADA-compliant, which means designers attempted to meet measurements or other specifications to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. None scream 'accessible.' Instead, function is sleekly nestled within form.

Trend Bite

By adapting some of its most-loved furnishings to better serve people of all abilities, Pottery Barn is tapping into the OMNIBILITY trend. The company's efforts aren't just focused on people who have long used a wheelchair or other mobility aids. It's also targeting aging customers who are future-proofing their homes to prepare for issues that may arise as they grow older.

As Pottery Barn President Marta Benson states: "Our mission is to incorporate accessibility into everything we do — providing beautiful, thoughtful design that makes a home a more comfortable place for everyone."