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Powered by DALL·E, The Dalí Museum enables visitors to transform their dreams into art

Right now, everyone is enthralled by the possibilities that text-based ChatGPT offers. But last month, The Dalí Museum in Florida unveiled the first interactive museum experience that runs on ChatGPT's visual sibling, DALL·E.

Part of a new exhibition, Dream Tapestry asks visitors to describe a recent or recurring dream. Using OpenAI's text-to-image system DALL·E, the installation brings those descriptions to life in Dalí-esque paintings. Each visitor's dream image is combined with those of others to form a composite artwork that's displayed on a 12-foot screen. On the museum's website, anyone can view dream descriptions, individual paintings and resulting collages.

Dream Tapestry was developed by The Dalí in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Minds Over Matter and OpenAI.

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Increasingly sophisticated and accessible digital tools like generative AI don't just open new galaxies for individual expression but offer ways to connect with others, too. 

Even before the pandemic, loneliness and social anxiety were on the rise, partly due to a decline in offline interactions. By literally blending different people's dreams, The Dalí Museum's Dream Tapestry forges links between strangers sharing a gallery space. How can your brand employ new tech to create a communal experience for your audience?

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