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PUMA invites four young changemakers to hold it accountable on sustainability issues

PUMA recently launched Voices of a RE:GENERATION, an initiative designed to incorporate the perspectives of young people into the company's sustainability strategy. The project, which builds upon findings from PUMA's 'Conference of the People' event, is engaging four thought leaders from Europe and the US in a consultancy capacity.

Three times a year, Alice Aedy, Andrew Burgess, Luke Jaque-Rodney and Jade Roche will meet with PUMA's Chief Sourcing Officer, Chief Product Officer and members of the brand's sustainability team. The group will offer their insights and recommendations on how the brand can improve its sustainability practices. Or, as PUMA states, "have their opinions, suggestions and criticisms heard. No lip service. No egos. Just upfront and honest discussion. Translated into action."

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Research by PUMA found that 71% of young people feel their voices aren't being heard regarding environmental issues. Respondents also indicated that they'd like brands to make more commitments (49%) and be more transparent (34%).

By actively involving the next generation, PUMA aims to make its sustainability initiatives more accessible and transparent. Is your brand taking visible steps to ensure the voices of younger people — who will, after all, need to deal with the damage wrought by their elders — are included in decision-making processes?

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