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Travel company Pura Aventura adds carbon labels to trip descriptions

Alongside itineraries and pricing, Brighton-based travel operator Pura Aventura recently started adding another piece of crucial information to its trip descriptions: the total amount of carbon that's generated per person. 

For a seven-night trip to southern Portugal, for example, that's 580 kg of carbon emissions. The company also mitigates that footprint: "For every kilometre traveled by road, air and sea on your Pura Aventura holiday, we carbon balance it by a mile — i.e. by 160% of your trip's carbon, from your front door and back again, irrespective of whether we book your international travel or not."

Pura Aventura is one of the few travel operators providing carbon labels. Another is Much Better Adventures, which began including carbon footprint details earlier this year and is sharing their methodology to encourage others in the travel industry to do the same.

Trend Bite

Transportation, clothing, meals, travel... People are increasingly aware of the devastating effects of living life as a modern human in the developed world. To make better choices with fewer negative consequences, they need to be able to compare their options. Which is where (carbon) labeling comes in.

People won't expect your brand to be perfect, but they will expect full transparency — over 60% of UK consumers value brands that are transparent about their operations and demonstrate a commitment to progress. For more examples and insights on the power of labeling, check out our Make→Shift trend briefing on LABEL-LED.